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All about Aspiring Singers

1. Proper breathing. The first important thing to consider in enhancing your singing ability is practicing the appropriate breathing techniques. This is a good start in helping you train and adjust your voice as doing breathing exercises boost your lung capacity. To do this, simply: Inhale all the way down to the diaphragm, the deepest part of your lungs located below the ribcage. Hold your breath for a while as it gives more air to fill your lungs. Then, control the air leaving your lungs by way of your diaphragm. Do not breathe out too quickly. Make sure to breathe out in a controlled manner.

2. Proper warm up. Warming up your voice lessens the tendency of damaging or straining vocal cords. Before singing, warm up first. This will help widen your vocal range, hence making it easier for you to reach those higher notes.

3. Practice regularly. Practice singing every day. There is a lot of room for voice rehearsal; whether inside the bathroom while taking a shower, driving to work, walking to school or simply when doing house chores! Singing anytime, anywhere is possible, as long as it gives you the opportunity to do so. Not only will it enhance your voice, but it will also fill your day with good melodies.

4. Relax. Feeling anxious when singing in front of a crowd is natural. But in order to deliver a wonderful singing number, you have to relax your body, as well as maintaining good posture to properly carry out your performance. Sounds will come out a lot smoother when you simply go with the flow, relieve your tension and calming your senses. Relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment!

5. Mix and match. Listen to different styles of music. Don’t limit yourself to singing just your favorite songs. Try something that will challenge your voice. Pick a mix of genres and styles to expound your singing techniques. Broadening your horizon helps a lot in developing your skills.

6. Sing from the heart. Feel the rhythm and message of the song. Emotion is an integral part of singing. Covering the technical aspects of singing is important but adding the emotional component makes your song more appealing. Once you establish a deep connection with the song, it will accede you to internalize every word and let your audience feel the same way as you do.