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Boosting Karaoke Singing

  • Accept your limitations because you cannot sing high notes just like the way professional singers do.
  • Take real good care of your voice. Ensure your voice box does not get drained out because singing with a dry throat hurts. Rehydrate yourself with water and whenever you have sore throat try a simple home remedy taking lemon juice with honey.
  • Just like exercise you need to warm up before you use those vocal muscles. There are plenty of warm up exercises on the web that you can follow.
  • To sing the karaoke song well you need to know the song completely. It is not just enough to read the lyrics; you have to be familiar with the song in and out.
  • Proper posture and breathing also plays a role in your singing performance because singing involves your lungs and diaphragm. Stand erect with your chest outwards and when you sing, your face and shoulders must be settled down.
  • If you feel like dancing when singing, let your body go because the more relaxed you are the better you will be able to bash the songs out more naturally in your karaoke session. Karaoke singing should always be a social ice-breaker but not a competition.
  • For your first karaoke experience, choose a song you could simply sing in the shower. Pick a popular song of your favorite singer. Many people in the crowd will support a singer who chooses familiar and popular song, and one thing you need on your side for your performance is crowd support. Be genuine about your vocal range, style and select a song that fits both.