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Simple Memorization of Alphabet Song

1. Make your contact to the information many-sensory. We people have lots of ways to get in information, & as individuals, we react differently to stimuli as of different sanity. There is, though, one universal fact: the more senses which are stimulated, the additional of an impression which stimulation leaves. While you are analyzing the information, do not just look at this. Say it, pay attention to it, & perhaps even discover a way to sense it. The more feelings you connect, the more quickly & effectively your mind would retain the data.

2. Engage the subliminal mind with art otherwise music. The subconscious sense is stimulated by music & art, & it is as well where your reminiscences are stored. By utilizing art or music on your memorization work outs, you can unlock the gateway to the subconscious & dramatically increase the retention. Some ways for doing this are: create otherwise listen to the Greek Alphabet Song. For example, at what time I was first memorizing ancient Greek Alphabet Song, I had to study a novel alphabet. I did that easily by finding & downloading some Greek Alphabet Song. To learn language, I would often get a vocabulary word, & write it down in a portion of paper, & proceed to create drawings & designs all around the utterance, having to do by means of the sound I’d spend 2 or 3 minutes with the sound, & I’d remember it when I needed for using it.