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Ways to Practice Singing

1) Posture is very important. It is important to keep good posture when you are singing. That means that you must straighten your back. Push your chest out and shoulders back.

I have sometimes found myself singing with bad posture and I can tell you now that it will affect your singing and breathing when you sing. So to avoid having to gasp for air, then it is better to sit up or stand up straight so that you can breath easily and sing better. So try not to slouch when you sing and you will find singing easier and will make it easier for you to reach those high notes.

A really great tip that I have to improve your posture is to imagine that there is a string that goes from your belly into a straight line and through your head. Imagine that this string is pulling you from the top of your head. This will help you keep your back straight and shoulders back.

Another tip is to lie flat on the floor on your back. Try singing like that for a while. Then when you stand up to sing, imagine you are lying on the floor. This will also help you keep your back straight.

2) Before you practice your singing, it is important that you warm up. Before you start, drink a glass of warm water. This will moisten your throat and will make it moist in preparation for singing.

Just as you need to warm up your muscles before you work out, it is just as important to warm up your vocal chords. So start your workout by doing scales. Pick a note and then go up to as high as you can go and then go back down to as low as you can go. If you do this often enough, you may be able to increase your range. This will definitely help you practice singing.

3) A great way to practice your singing is to record yourself when you are singing. This allows you the ability to replay your singing and can help you to pick out where you need to improve your singing. Try to look for areas where you can improve.

For example, try to see if you are keeping the same rhythm in the song. Also see areas where you might need to improve on your breathing. Also, see where you can improve singing in the high or low range. Most people have trouble singing in the high range. So note which notes that you need to improve on. Then practice that section of the song and keep recording yourself. Then over time, just by playing back your voice, you will be able to see improvements in your singing.